Travel Nurse Housing in Fresno, CA. What to look for, and what to avoid.

Written for the travel nurse who's taking a travel nurse assignment in Fresno, CA. Learn what areas to avoid, and where you should be looking for furnished rentals. And, find out the most frequently rented apartment complexes in Fresno for travel nurses!

Posted by Brian Payne - Co-Founder and CEO on November 27, 2017

Travel Nursing is very popular in the Fresno/Clovis area, as is all of central California! Travelers enjoy its high pay rates, guaranteed parking (which can be a luxury compared to a big city), and close proximity to awesome places like national parks, pristine beaches, and bustling San Francisco (a short 2.5 hour drive gets you into the little big city). Before we go too far, let me list out the hospitals that hire the most travel nurses in Fresno, CA.

Top Travel Nurse Hospitals in Fresno

  1. St. Agnes Medical Center
  2. Valley Children’s
  3. Madera Community
  4. Fresno Heart Hospital
  5. Community Regional Medical Center
  6. Kaiser Fresno

If you want to rent to travel nurses, you should list on the sites that they use! Below you’ll find our recommendation for the best travel nurse housing sites.

Note: I’m assuming that since you’re reading this, you already know alot about travel nurses and why they make great tenants. If not, please read our article “Who are travel nurses, and why landlords love them.”

Before we recommend sites to list your space, we’d like to provide a quick travel nurse refresher for you. Here are the 4 most important aspects of housing for travel nurses.

  1. Safety - They need to feel safe where they live so they can concentrate on their job.
  2. Affordability - Although most nurses are on a housing stipend, they all travel on a budget.
  3. Location - Most nurses need to be within 30-40 minutes of the hospital they work at.
  4. Clean & Comfortable - A basic component to any furnished rental, they just need a place to rest, relax, and get ready for their next shift.

Where to live in Fresno.

If you’re wondering where to stay in Fresno during your travel nurse assignment, this is easy… think Northeast Fresno or Clovis. If Fresno, stay north of Shaw, as anything south can be a little dicey with the exception of Van Ness Extension and the Fig Garden areas. You can search Travel Nurse Housing for free to find furnished monthly rental now!

Rule of 15

It’s more of a guideline than a rule, but in general, you’ll probably want to live about 15 minutes away from the hospital you’ll be working at. As an example, if you’re working at Community Regional, don’t live near Community Regional. Some hospitals are a little more north like Kaiser and Valley Children’s, but either way, north Fresno and or Clovis will be your best bet.

What’s the difference between Clovis and Fresno?

Clovis is really just an extension of Fresno, but it’s about ⅕ the size and is known for having some of the best property values and school districts in the area. Many say that Clovis is cleaner, safer, and more friendly than Fresno, but really, depending on the furnished housing options that are available for you at the time, north Fresno works just as good since you’re only there for 13 weeks most likely.

Apartments in the Fresno area (that accept short term tenants)

Apartment complexes heavily target Traveling Nurses, so prices are not that bad... nor is the setup, often times fully furnished and no need to rent furniture yourself. Because of the short term nature of travel nursing, apartments can be a little more expensive than renting a room or a private unit from a landlord, but either way, prices are affordable in Fresno overall. While an average short term apartment (3 month lease) may go for around $1600, the average rent on the Travel Nurse Housing map for Fresno is $1150 (including rooms - which brings the average price down to be fair).

Apartment complexes that frequently house Travel Nurses.

  1. Crown Point Apartments
  2. The Cascades
  3. La Provence
  4. River Park Villas
  5. Papillion Apartments
  6. Greystone Apartments
  7. Cobblestone Apartments

Best Places To Explore While Working in Fresno

Fresno has all the modern amenities that you would expect in a big city, but the best part of Fresno is its close proximity to northern or central coast California cities. There are a lot of things to do within a few hours, but here are the best day trips/overnight trips from the Fresno area (great for those down-days!):

  1. San Francisco/Napa
  2. Yosemite
  3. Sequoias/Kings Canyon
  4. Carmel by the Sea
  5. Santa Cruz

Agriculture is the backbone of Fresno and it doesn’t try to be something it is not. It’s not touristy or flashy, but will certainly work for a 13 week Travel Assignment and can allow you to stuff some extra cash in your pocket that you’d be spending on rent in higher cost cities.

Oh, and one last thing before we let you go… Don’t lean on public transportation in Fresno… you’re better off bringing your own car! Stay safe travelers...we’ll see you there!


Brian Payne - Co-Founder and CEO

Furnished Finder

Brian started renting to travel nurses in 2007 while he was working in the healthcare industry as a internal pacemaker and defibrillator technician. He'd not only work with travel nurses in the cath lab and telemetry units, but he'd rent his short term furnished rentals to them when they came to town for work. From this, Furnished Finder was born, and now it's the site where travel nurses and the medical staffing industry come for travel nurse housing. There are about 100,000 travel nurses in the US and around 30,000 of them are working at any given time as they're constantly rotating around the nation. Travel nurses stay for about 3 months at a time, and require safe, clean, and affordable furnished rentals when they travel for work. Furnished Finder is the leader in the traveling nurse rental space.