Life as a Travel Nurse: My Road Trip and Housing Experience

Travel is in my blood...and now I get paid for it, as I am a travel blogger and a travel nurse! This is the story of my stateside journey as I leave the hoosier state for my assignment in Reno, NV. It's my hope that my story helps and encourages other travel nurses along their journeys as well. Learn about my Airbnb experience, and how a cool new company called Travel Nurse Housing (part of Furnished Finder) turned into a very pleasant surprise.

Posted by Chrissy Kime on October 06, 2018

I must say. Nevada has never been a state I ever desired to visit, let alone live in for thirteen weeks. I’m sure Nevadans feel the same way about my home state of Indiana. But, if you look at a map it is easy to see why this place could be quite beautiful. Fun fact, there are more mountain ranges in Nevada than in any other state in the United States. Just think of all the adventures there are to be had!

Prior to moving here I debated paying the estimated $1700 cost for shipping my car, which would leave me without a vehicle for three weeks and short $1700; or driving my Honda HR-V across America for a thirty-four hour epic road trip with friends. After figuring out the most scenic route, estimating the cost of gas, and luring two friends along for the journey, the only thing left after signing my contract was finding a place to live.

I am very familiar with Airbnb. Using it in the U.S. and many other countries, I have rented a whole house, a condo, a treehouse, and plenty of rooms. I’ve never had a worry or complaint, but you have to do your research when looking for the right place to stay. Always stay somewhere that has at least thirty or so 4 to 5 star reviews on this site. These days, I only go somewhere or buy something because of good reviews.

Airbnb is great in general, but didn’t have many options in Reno. The only availability with good reviews was living in a room inside a couples house, which was doable. Be aware, when you live with people in their homes, that you are living under their rules. Which as long as you are respectful and clean you pretty much will always meet them. But sometimes, there are some requests that don’t meet your individual needs like not being able to use the water ie flush the toilet or shower after 8pm. These are things that you would hope to know ahead of time, but unfortunately it’s not always the case when living in someone else’s house.

Reno in general is a pretty easy city to travel through. You can get downtown coming from any direction in just fifteen minutes. Which makes finding a place to live, not too difficult. Unfortunately there don’t seem to be many options in Reno, which makes the ones that are available more competitive.

Rent for a room in Reno is between $700-1200 per month depending on location. Rent for an entire space depends on location and the amount of space being reserved. A two bedroom house will cost $2000-3000, where a one bedroom condo will come out between $1200-1500. Where you live depends on your stipend and individual needs. Here's where you can search for short term furnished housing in Reno, or any other city.

Your Travel Nurse Housing (TNH) Experience Awaits:

First of all, when looking for a place to live think about your individual needs. While staying at my most recent Airbnb WiFi was available to me, but the television was out in the living room. Which helped me to read more books and resort to watching Netflix on my laptop. Look online and google “best neighborhoods to live” in whatever city you are searching. This will give you a good impression if the neighborhood is safe, what the walking score is, if there are any cool restaurants or stores within walking distance, and how far away it is from where you will be working. Living in a safe area but also close to places you frequent like the grocery store, Target, Whole Foods, library, local cafe, hiking, and cycling trails were also pretty high on the list of importance to me. You will never regret having a washer and dryer. Also I work night shift, so having black-out curtains is a suggestion but not a necessity.

Reno in general is a pretty easy city to travel through. You can get downtown coming from any direction in just fifteen minutes. Which makes finding a place to live, not too difficult. Unfortunately there don’t seem to be many options in Reno, which makes the ones that are available more competitive.

Very quickly a nice lady responded back to me with her personal information requesting a call that day if I was seriously interested. After discussing the unit over the phone, I asked if I could see it in person. I highly recommend this if you are able. She setup a time with the current tenant, taking the time with me to look at the unit and address any additional questions. The deposit was made that day, and I knew I had found my new place!

Travel Nurse Housing (TNH) , which is owned by Furnished Finder, is great because like Airbnb you have everything you need; a full kitchen, a bed, closet, washer and dryer, and sometimes extra storage. Airbnb and Travel Nurse Housing have some of the same listings, but I frequently noticed Airbnb to be about $200 more per month for the same listing. If you want to save money, it will always be less expensive to live in a room in someone's house, but if you are looking for your own space to call home then Travel Nurse Housing may have more options in my opinion, depending on the location.

If you are a travel nurse or healthcare professional looking for a furnished space to rent for thirty days or more, has some great options. This site is free for travel nurses, and offers zero booking fees or mark-ups unlike Airbnb. There are plenty of useful articles and information to take away.

Whether it is or; you will find the same listings on each both appealing to traveling healthcare professionals (Likewise, if you're a property owner, when you list your place on TNH, it will be automatically displayed on both sites).

Just remember, the first time as a travel nurse will be full of unexpected adventures, both good and bad. You make the most out of your time in each place. Eat the local food, drink from the local breweries, wineries and distilleries, and make sure you see as much of the area as possible. Always research the city’s website and find events, you will be pleasantly surprised when the World’s Largest Free Hot Air Balloon Race just so happens to be while you are visiting the area. People are kind and will always help you. This is America! You are never far from home when you make friends. I’m so excited to have a new space all to myself soon courtesy of Travel Nurse Housing / Furnished Finder. Thanks for reading!


I love our community of travel nurses, and I love writing about my experiences. When Brian at TNH reached out to me about possibly telling my story, it was the perfect timing because I had just used their website for the first time. I hope you enjoy it! You can read more about my travel adventures at --Chrissy