How to start renting to travel nurses and where to list?

Learn the 4 most important aspects to travel nurse housing, 10 facts you didn't know about travel nurses, and the top cities for travel nurses in the US.

Posted by TNH Contributor on December 11, 2017


If you want to rent to travel nurses, you should list on the sites that they use! Below you’ll find our recommendation for the best travel nurse housing sites.


Note:  I’m assuming that since you’re reading this, you already know alot about travel nurses and why they make great tenants.  If not, please read our article “Who are travel nurses, and why landlords love them.”


Before we recommend sites to list your space, we’d like to provide a quick travel nurse refresher for you. Here are the 4 most important aspects of housing for travel nurses.


  1. Safety - They need to feel safe where they live so they can concentrate on their job.
  2. Affordability - Although most nurses are on a housing stipend, they all travel on a budget.
  3. Location - Most nurses need to be within 30-40 minutes of the hospital they work at.  
  4. Clean & Comfortable - A basic component to any furnished rental, they just need a place to rest, relax, and get ready for their next shift.



As a reminder, travel nurses stay for about 3 months at a time, so they’re really looking for move-in ready, furnished units. Here are 10 facts about travel nurses relating to their jobs and housing.


  • There are about 30,000 travel nurses in rotation at any given time
  • There are 400+ medical staffing companies that place them in their jobs.
  • 75% of the travel nurses choose the housing stipend over company housing.
  • The 13 week assignment time is an industry standard.
  • About ¼ of the time, they’ll decide to renew for a subsequent term.
  • They’ll typically arrive with a car (with exception a few cities).
  • They have a large social network and frequently chat online.
  • New nurses are entering the traveling industry all the time.
  • They typically book housing within 30 days of their assignment start date.
  • Most nurses live within 30 minutes of the hospital.


There are ton of furnished housing sites out there, but it can get pretty overwhelming without a plan.  Ultimately, you’ll want to list where the travel nurses get their housing, and it’s not the hospital, or the medical staffing company. Sites like Furnished Finder and Travel Nurse Housing are our recommendations because they’re inexpensive and specifically for the travelling nurse.


The main differences between these sites, and other furnished rental sites are as follows.


  1. Less expensive than vacation rental or traditional corporate housing.
  2. Heavily utilized by stipend nurses and medical staffing companies.
  3. Focused on monthly furnished rentals (90 day average stay).
  4. No commissions or booking fees charged to the traveler or the landlord.
  5. All rents are set by landlords and nothing is added to the rent.



Want to know what the top cities for travel nurses are?  Here’s where travel nurses are going now.  View all travel nurse cities now.


We’re hoping this article has been helpful for you.  There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to renting furnished apartments to travel nurses, but as long as it meets our top 4 most important aspects of housing for travel nurses (safety, affordability, location, clean/comfortable), they will find your place and rent it for their 13 week assignments.



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