Furnished Finder/Travel Nurse Housing featured in Landlordology Article

The article "How to Market Your Rental to Traveling Nurses" was written by Brian Payne, the co-founder and CEO of Furnished Finder and principal at Travel Nurse Housing, was released by Landlordology, an educational site from COZY specifically for landlords.

Posted by Brian Payne - Co-Founder and CEO on January 17, 2018

You're a landlord that rents your place furnished. You have experienced a variety of vacation rental listing sites, but perhaps you're looking for a different type of tenant altogether? A type of tenant who's professional and staying there for a job, instead of renting to vacationers (a term which is quickly becoming synonymous with 'partiers').

Travel nurses represent a constant group of professional healthcare travelers who travel for work up to 4 times per year. Property owners who are looking to rent to traveling nurses now have a place to list their property and connect with travel nurses directly. Travel Nurse Housing.

Before we recommend sites to list your space, we’d like to provide a quick travel nurse refresher for you. Here are the 4 most important aspects of housing for travel nurses.

You already know the value of a 3 month stay, but what you may not know is that some of the time the travel nurse will be offered a renewal where they'll be asked to stay on for another 3 month term! Landlords love when travel nurses renew because it means no downtime or turnover, just guaranteed rent rolling in for another term.

If you're looking to learn more about hosting travel nurses (where you can list a room in your house, a backhouse or basement, a condo - apartment - townhouse, or any other type of space) please reach out to a listing specialist at Travel Nurse Housing today! We love having conversations with landlords... Here's where you can schedule a conversation to see if your property qualifies.


Brian Payne - Co-Founder and CEO

Furnished Finder

Brian started renting to travel nurses in 2007 while he was working in the healthcare industry as a internal pacemaker and defibrillator technician. He'd not only work with travel nurses in the cath lab and telemetry units, but he'd rent his short term furnished rentals to them when they came to town for work. From this, Furnished Finder was born, and now it's the site where travel nurses and the medical staffing industry come for travel nurse housing. There are about 100,000 travel nurses in the US and around 30,000 of them are working at any given time as they're constantly rotating around the nation. Travel nurses stay for about 3 months at a time, and require safe, clean, and affordable furnished rentals when they travel for work. Furnished Finder is the leader in the traveling nurse rental space.